Stylus was made with

Shahrokh Yadegari

Composer, Sound Designer

Toby Jaquar Algya
Assistant Sound Designer

ann hamilton studio

Adam Bachman, Studio Assistant
Jamie Boyle, Studio Manager
Justin Braun, Studio Assistant
Colin McDonald, Video Editor
Joshua Penrose, Studio Assistant
Cormac Slevin, Studio Assistant
Anjali Srinivasan, Studio Research Assistant
Nick Vaskco, Studio Intern

the pulitzer foundation for the arts

Matthias Waschek, Director and Curator of stylus
Emily Augsburger, Community Projects Coordinator
Amy Broadway, Web Communications Assistant
Lisa Harper Chang, Community Projects Director
Rachel Craft, Communications & Web Manager
Courtney Henson, Visitor Services Manager
Elise Johnson, Assistant Registrar
Lauren Kolber, Events Coordinator
Gina Martinez, Practicum Student, MSW Candidate, Brown School of Social Work
Steve Morby, Facilities Manager
Helene Rundell, Registrar
Shane Simmons, Chief of Installation/Assistant Facilities Manager Emily Task, MSW Candidate, Brown School of Social Work

installation crew

Natalee Cayton, Art Preparator
Eric Fox, Art Preparator
Jason Holler, Art Preparator
Craig Overy, Painter
Cole Root, Art Preparator
B.J. Vogt, Art Preparator

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at
Washington University in St. Louis

Tom Reed, Master Printer, Island Press
Lindsay Delfik, Crew Leader
Megan Bean, Crew
Chloe Bethany, Crew
Ella Brandon, Crew
Katherine Cohen, Crew
Nick Francel, Crew
Nick Hutchings, Crew
Mamie Korpela, Crew
Yetunde Ogunfidodo, Crew
Carlie Trosclair, Crew

Manic Design Studio

Michael Casselli, Fabrication and Design

All Along Press

Elysia Mann, Founder & Printmaker
Steven Brien, Founder & Printmaker


Matthew Stanley
Museum of Biological Diversity, Division of Higher Vertebrates, The Ohio State University
St. Louis Public Library
St. Louis Public Schools

Special Thanks To

Carmon Colangelo, Dean, Sam Fox School & E. Desmond Lee Professor for Collaboration in the Arts, Washington University in St. Louis
John Condit, Adjunct Curator, Borror Laboratory, The Ohio State University
Carrie Dietz, Young Adult Provider
Robert Duffy, St. Louis Beacon
Joan Hall, Director, Island Press and Kenneth E. Hudson Professor of Art, Washington University in St. Louis
Andrea Johnson, Young Adult Provider
Louis Kruger, Archives, St. Louis Public Schools
Nico Leone, Co-executive Director, KDHX 88.1
Waller McGuire, St. Louis Public Library
Angelika Nelson, Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics and Division Tetrapods, The Ohio State University
Nerinx Hall High School
Normandy Senior High School
Timothy O'Leary, Director, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
James Robinson, Artistic Director, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
Saint Elizabeth Academy
Birgit Spears, Director of Communications & Development, KDHX 88.1
Elizabeth Zharoff, Soprano
Third Baptist Church
Rachel Smith, St. Louis Public Library
St. Louis Public Library

In the Pulitzer's short history, Ann Hamilton's stylus breaks new ground in so many ways: it is our first commissioned installation in the building and the first multi-sensory exploration of Tadao Ando's architecture. Ann's artistic intervention extends into the urban fabric of St. Louis and permeates all our institutional activities, from programming, to catalogue, to web.

When we asked Ann to write an artistic statement for stylus, we received, via e-mail, a stream of poetry. This response echoes the flow of conversations that led to her project and its associated layers of programming. From the initial brainstorming meetings — Ann referred to them as "what-if-conversations" — to the opening itself, an increasing number of people have generated ideas, projects, and sub-projects that will unfold over the duration of the installation.

If pressed, I would say that this project deals with the raw material of communication. Familiar forms of interaction are de-contextualized, then stitched back together into a new, poetic entity that resonates with our most basic experiences experiences. In that sense, Ann's creation is not without parallels to Tadao Ando's architecture, which breaks down our perception of nature into building blocks that are reconstituted in an abstract new entity.

stylus is also rooted in the greater context of our city, which Ann explored during her many visits, beginning three years ago. In 2009, she taught a summer course at the Sam Fox School of Design and the Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, taking St. Louis's landscape — cultural and physical — as its subject. The Pulitzer Endowment for Collaborative Projects between my institution and the Sam Fox School made that teaching engagement possible. It also allowed a group of students from Washington University to participate in the exhibition preparation, from the construction of thousands of papier-mâché hands, to the printing of banners and flyers.

This project would not have been possible without the artistic collaboration of composer Shahrokh Yadegari, who designed the sound for stylus with the invaluable assistance of Toby Algya.

The Pulitzer's particular gratitude goes to two artists on the faculty of the Sam Fox School for their generous help: Joan Hall, Kenneth E. Hudson Professor of Art and Director of Island Press, as well as Tom Reed, Master Printer and Island Print Shop Coordinator.

The collaborators in Ann's studio have been of crucial importance in so many ways: Jamie Boyle and Colin McDonald, along with Anjali Scrinivasen and Nick Vasko. Our warm thanks also goes to Michael Casselli for his substantial role in the installation. The Pulitzer staff, who responded to each challenge creatively, needs to be mentioned with gratitude, too: Rachel Craft, Lisa Harper Chang, Elise Johnson, Helene Rundell, and Shane Simmons. Last but not least, my deep appreciation for his continued support goes to Carmon Colangelo, Dean of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and E. Desmond Lee Professor for Collaboration in the Arts.

stylus is a multilayered project with interactive programs developing throughout its installation. Therefore, it is impossible, at this point, to thank all those involved in the project. The website,, will document this evolution. Additionally, this catalogue is an evolving project in its own right: designed as a box, it will be filled over time, growing with the exhibition. In that sense, this institutional introduction is not final either: it is destined to be rewritten at the end of stylus, acknowledging all the help and collaboration benefitting this project.

Matthias Waschek,
Director of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, and curator of stylus

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