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ion passengers. Firms that own hotels, department stores and travel agencies also will be

25,000 people. "I feel helpless. I am back to square one," said Ryoichi Kubo, 52, who had

so said that hotels and recreational facilities may also expand, but it was too early to gauge

ol in western Rio's working-class Realengo neighborhood. Twelve crosses were left along a wall

US$3.07 to US$3.74 per gallon since the beginning of the year. The swift rise forced the Oil Pr

er gallon since the beginning of the year. The swift rise forced the Oil Price Information Serv

e year. The swift rise forced the Oil Price Information Service to boost its retail gasoline pr

tional average tests the all-time record of US$4.11 per gallon set in July 2008. Further pr

r things that they pay for," Kloza said. "People pay more attention to gasoline than phone serv

49 to settle at US$112.79 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. That's the highest pr

Transportation companies fell. Delta Air Lines Inc. dropped 3.9 percent, and United Parcel Serv

mands of mainland mothers, which, the HA said, had lured many public doctors into private pract

escorted through the aisles by an employee with a flashlight and a pad, who jotted down the pr

y swept out to sea and never will be. But as radiation from Fukushima Dai-ichi has dropped, pol

dropped, police have fanned out to look for those who may have died inland. Hundreds of pol

"The area is literally a mountain of debris. It is an extremely difficult task," said a pol

oyers may find themselves in competition with Disney for job hunters familiar with quality serv

's initial operation. Students from art schools are expected to form a large number of serv

g to take maintenance or services jobs. As the theme park is famous for its quality of serv

ther for exhibitions nor business trips," Song said. Data with shows that the pr

e company is also involved in advertising and owns Shanghai's only television broadcasting serv

ll enjoy a sharp earnings increase if Disneyland ever needs land for expansion. Already, the pr

well have wanted to marry girlfriend Camilla Shand, but she was not seen as an appropriate cho

e by 23-year-old Wellington Oliveira, who shot and killed himself after being confronted by pol

shooting them in the head as they begged him to stop. Oliveira took his own life after pol

never demonstrated any violent tendencies," she said. Oliveira had no criminal history, pol

to cash in on Mickey Mouse and his friends. Leading retailers Shanghai Bailian Group Co,

reopened his gas station in hard-hit Iwate Prefecture after the power outage and prolonged fue

how much diversion outside the park would be in demand. "Demand for hotels would be limited b

outside the school, the name of each child killed written above them. The shootings turned

before midnight Thursday, jangling the raw nerves of a nation already devastated by last month

authority said the country was under impact of a cold snap starting today. The mercury hov

Information Service to boost its retail gasoline price forecast to a range of US$3.75 to US$4

to boost its retail gasoline price forecast to a range of US$3.75 to US$4 per gallon this year

forecast to a range of US$3.75 to US$4 per gallon this year. OPIS chief oil analyst Tom Kloza

hikes could do serious damage to the US economy, he said. For consumers, "gas prices have more

, cable TV or other services," Kloza said. Oil and gasoline prices began a steady rise in F

since Sept. 22, 2008. Over the past two months, most stocks have fallen following large ju

Inc. lost 1 percent. Energy companies rose, leading the 10 industry groups within the S&P 500.

. The Secretary for Food and Health York Chow said earlier this week: "I think we are in th

of each item. About 450,000 households were still without electricity by last night, said

have fanned out to look for those who may have died inland. Hundreds of police, many mobil

, many mobilized from Tokyo, using their hands or small shovels, pulled out four bodies in an h


, experts said yesterday. About 40 percent of Disneyland's employees will be maintenance wo

providers, as the amusement park's various performances and parades need young people who can

, people serving on inter-national cruise ships would be one of the areas for recruitment, said

of retail space in shopping malls in the area has already risen 50 percent to 30,000 yuan per

firm. Investors are relishing the prospect of revenue for the company when Disney rolls out it

of housing has shot up to around 20,000 yuan per square meter since Shanghai won approval to b

because she had had several previous boyfriends. She became Charles' second wife decades later

. At least 12 other students were injured in the Thursday shooting at the Tasso da Silveira pub

gunfire struck his legs and sent him toppling down some stairs. Witnesses said the young m


arrest man on suspicion of murder after one officer shot dead and another injured on submarine

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