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't stop now." She hopes to go out to Haiti and Sierra Leone, to share her dental and

0 Olympic games on a light-hearted note, with a closing ceremony that featured floating moose,

Canada renewed its romance with skates as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won a gold medal for ice

sts generated by your lies. Some even go so far as to fake their own deaths, reading their own

. Nobody wants to falsely accuse a dying woman of lying. So she searched for Sophie and Pete's

can agency to unmask all its covert operatives after arrest of Aaron DeHaven in Peshawar, over

ron DeHaven, a contractor who recently worked for the US embassy in Islamabad, saying that his

ore over Davis has fuelled scrutiny of other American security officials in Pakistan and their

skills.Photographer Sheri Manson captured the three-day pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jer

Mounties and gigantic cut-out hockey players wearing the gold medals Team Canada had won hours

by performing a love story of their own.

pairs competing in Vancouver are siblings—and this year, there's a compulsory tango routine.

and observing the torrent of grief from the comfort of their living room. If they are rumbled

on Australian websites and found no record of their deaths. She looked closely at the photo of

expiry Pakistani authorities have arrested a US government security contractor amid a worseni

had expired.Little was known about DeHaven except that his firm, which also has offices in Afg

arrangements, and may have led police to Aaron DeHaven in Peshawar on Friday.DeHaven runs a co

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