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Hearing is how we touch at a distance

Contribute your voice to the reverberations of stylus. Whether calling in a song, a call, a story, or a history, your words become part of an archive of sounds, which over the course of the project, come to constitute stylus’s vocal body.


call in

Read to the night sky, a story, a poem, a message, a history…

call in

and sing to the night sky, a lullaby, a vocal call…

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The world of events reverberates inside us, motivating us to speak. The words conjured in this exchange project back out to turn this same world of events.

Though not configured like the cavity of an ear or mouth, the architecture of the Pulitzer forms an interior hollow, animated by the many points of contact in stylus.  Within its shell, a daily world of events materializes and is amplified through a live multi-channel sound system within the building and five exterior mounted spears which face outward toward the community to form stylus’s public voice.

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